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About Us

NaGa Solar is a worldwide developer of innovative solar parks and other solar energy solutions. We develop your solar park from beginning to end. In every situation, we find the best solar PV solution for you. We offer ground mounted, rooftop and special solutions. NaGa Solar will make sure that you will experience a comfortable and customised journey.

Our expertise in renewable energy comes from years of experience in the market. Evidenced by the completed projects we have delivered globally.

We distinguish ourselves by taking care of the aesthetics of the environment and creating innovative solutions that implement double ground use. Think of a green landscape where the production of solar energy is realised, combined with grazing sheep.

Next to developing projects, NaGa Solar also invests in solar parks. We support and strive for a green energy future!

In February 2021 we announced the creation of AMPYR Solar Europe through the merger of NaGa Solar with the existing Ampyr Energy UK solar joint venture between AGP Group and Hartree Partners. For more information please visit the ASE page. 

710 MW

in the Dutch pipeline




tonnes CO2 reduction per year

110 MWp

in realised projects

An AMPYR Group Company

In collaboration with our joint venture partners AGP and Hartree, an enhanced capital and knowledge capacity has been created which will support and accelerate the development of our solar PV projects. This puts us in a position to build up our own portfolio with investment projects that have been developed with NaGa’s expertise. In addition, as a pioneer, we strive for a Dutch subsidy-free market using our experience in Germany with PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) and the knowledge of partners. 

Our Vision

Thomas Edison once said, back in the 1930s: “I would put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

And yet here we are. After almost 90 years, we are still exhausting the fossil resources of the earth, bringing our own lives and those of future generations in grave danger.

And exactly this is what drives us, NaGa Solar, to perform our daily work. We want to increase the momentum for solar-PV to break out of this negative trend. We want to build a solar-powered life.

Meet the NaGa team

Alexander Koeman

Managing Director

Paul Penders

Project Manager

Pieter Bakker

Project Manager

Tim Nabben

Finance & Control

Francine Franssen

HR & Finance