Trega Grounds

10 Hectares
Maastricht NL

Where the factory of Trega was previously located, the current site ‘Limmel aan de Maas’ lies fallow for many years now. The site lies on a great location between the neighbourhood called ‘Limmel’, de Maas (river throughout Maastricht) and de Noorderbrug (Northernbridge). Despite its’ potential, it hasn’t been used for many years. This resulted in strong contamination due to the site being used as an illegal waste disposal.

NaGa Solar bought the site in 2020 with the aim of generating solar energy. This location offers a great deal of possibilities towards generating clean energy, for which we can offer an appropriate solution. NaGa Solar first started with getting rid of the waste, then closing the site and securing it with cameras to prevent new contamination from happening.

Adjacent to the Trega site lies the Zinkwit site, which is someone else’s property. For the development of the site it would be ideal to bundle the strengths of these two locations and to give it a useable and durable function.

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