NaGa Solar and its partners support your project in a unique way, by virtue of their industry relevant expertise. With success as a proven result. Whether you are an agricultural broker, investor or landowner.  

Through our proficiency and network of partners, we always offer a tailor made solution in line with your requirements. Providing the best professional international  experience and quality available on the market.

Our partnerships are key

The following partners have helped us to create extraordinary projects from the ground up and have provided us with the necessary resources. By sharing equal values, we strive for a better environment and a cleaner future for the next generations to come.

Energy companies

Logo of partner energy company of NaGa Solar



Landscape designs

Logo of landscaping partner of NaGa Solar
Logo of landscaping partner of NaGa Solar
Logo of landscaping partner of NaGa Solar

These partners enable us to visualise the solar solutions we create. Especially for ground solar solutions that are placed close to residential areas. Such visualisations make it possible for us to show residents what the surroundings will look like once the solar panels have been placed.

Additionally, it creates a more solid base to get building permits approved by the municipality or government.

In 2007 established German EPC company with a Dutch office in Maastricht. Centroplan is specialised in the realisation of rooftop and ground mounted solar projects. With experience in several countries in and outside Europe. This is our partner that installs the solar panels at location.

With SPIE we work hand in hand on a number of sites that are in need of a creative and flexible solution in connecting to the grid.

One of the challenges that SPIE handles for us, is to ensure that the energy generated by our solar parks is fed smoothly to the power grid using the best available techniques, as grid availability has become an issue in the Netherlands. SPIE has everything it takes in terms of expertise and are able to provide us with prompt solutions to any difficulties encountered, ensuring the project will be delivered on schedule.

A little while ago, the SPIE team came all the way from France to record an interview and impression at our office in Maastricht. Below you can see the video they made as well as the article that appeared in their annual report magazine.

Chemelot is a company that owns a large chemical plant in the south of Limburg The Netherlands. Various renowned international companies have stablished locations here and the Chemelot has a large contribution to the local labour market, knowledge and innovation. We have collaborated on projects like solar field Louisegroeve where they have allowed us to use their property to generate renewable energy.

From what people might know as the Dutch State Mines, DSM has now evolved to a world leading chemical company with locations all around the world. NaGa Solar partnered with DSM Advanced Solar specifically for the execution of solar field Louisegroeve. This partnership allowed DSM to use their new innovative products (coating and backsheet) to be adapted on Tata Power Solar's modules and create a testsite. DSM Advanced Solar will now be able to retrieve data from the solar park and measure its output and efficiency in relation to the lifespan of their innovations that have been included in the modules.

Staal is a long-established real-estate office that NaGa Solar works closely together with on various projects located in Southwest Netherlands. Together we search the market for suitable locations to build renewable energy plants. While baring in mind the desires of the land owners. We combine this with the wishes of local residents, townships, local energy co-operations and other relevant stakeholders.

Ekwadraat is an advisory firm for local renewable energy. In this collaboration Ekwadraat is our partner in projects in the region of North-Netherlands. They assist NaGa Solar in project preparations, permits and grants.

Tata is a large worldwide corporation based in India that is present in various markets. In regards to their relationship with NaGa Solar, they serve as a supplier of the solar modules that are used in many of our solar parks. Additionally, they have connections with some other local parties such as DSM Advanced Solar. With a supplier that also adapts Dutch innovations and materials in their products, we have the ability to influence multiple factors of the supply-chain and deliver unique solar solutions with great innovations that also support the local community and economy.

This is a local energy co-operation. Established to facilitate local residents with the possibility to invest in solar panels placed at a central location. As a result, they will receive tax adjustments for the generated solar energy. It is an example of NaGa Solar’s participation in projects within the region.

Henny Pelsers, our CEO is also Chairman of this co-operation. Together with Jan Bijen, Secretary and Sjaak de Zeeuw, Treasurer. All of them contribute to smooth operations with the knowledge they have within the solar energy sector, hand in hand with a well-established governmental network.

LWV stands for Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging (Employer Association). As NaGa Solar is a real “Limburgs” company this association is in perfect fit when it comes to our view to local participation. This collective of local businesses stimulates expertise in the fields of infrastructure, labour, education and innovation. Which they do by connecting organisations and professionals within Limburg.

LWV represents and creates a voice for companies within the region of Limburg, mainly to adres the local government, municipalities and national politics.

NaGa Solar’s view is of great coherence with that of LWV. We support local projects, organisations and professionals. Demonstrated by our portfolio with a variety of local projects, which continues to grow. Hand in hand with, the involvement of local professionals in various fields.

Holland Solar, has been established in 1983, and it is the industry association of the Dutch solar energy sector. It strives for solar energy to become the most important source of energy in the Netherlands. The members of this association are companies that operatie in the solar energy market.

Holland Solar inspires, informs, connects and professionalises the Dutch solar energy sector. On top of this, it influences relevant decision making in law-making, rule setting and grant creation.

Their self-claimed main activities are; to present the interests of its members, providing information and promoting solar energy, and increasing the quality and safety in the sector.

As of its operations in the solar energy sector, NaGa Solar is a proud member of Holland Solar.

MVV is a local professional football team that competes in the Jupiler League. Established in 1902, it is the oldest professional team in the area.

On top of our yearly contribution to MVV as a business sponsor, NaGa Solar is also proud partner in realising solar solutions for MVV’s Stadium “Stadion de Geusselt” in Maastricht.

This partnership is one of the examples of NaGa’s local participation and interest in collaborating with local businesses and organisations. This is the first project where small-scale solar investments will be made available to the local supporters of MVV. With the supporters base of a team such as MVV, the perfect opportunity is created for NaGa Solar to establish a local footprint in this specific area.

More about this project can be found on our projects page.

Dutch Solar Boat is a foundation which has developed a racing boat, powered entirely by solar energy. Designed with in-house made solar panels, battery pack and an efficiently designed hull, the solar boat can reach speeds up to 35 km/h. The boat will be used in races like the Solar Sport One championship and others. This is our second year as a sponsor of this project.