NaGa Solar and its partners support your project in a unique way, by virtue of their industry relevant expertise. With success as a proven result. Whether you are an agricultural broker, investor or landowner.  

Through our proficiency and network of partners, we always offer a tailor made solution in line with your requirements. Providing the best professional international  experience and quality available on the market.

Our partnerships are key

The following partners have helped us to create extraordinary projects from the ground up and have provided us with the necessary resources. By sharing equal values, we strive for a better environment and a cleaner future for the next generations to come.

Energy Cooperatives

As the construction of a solar project may impact the local community the duration of its lifespan, the benefits of making valuable land available for renewable energy production should also flow back towards the local community.

By working with local energy cooperatives, NaGa Solar directly links the financial benefits to local inhabitants. Through various investment constructions they are able to support not only the health of their environment, but also their financial well-being.

All made practical by partnerships with energy cooperatives run by, and for the local public.



Landscape designs

These partners enable us to visualise the solar solutions we create. Especially for ground solar solutions that are placed close to residential areas. Such visualisations make it possible for us to show residents what the surroundings will look like once the solar panels have been placed.

Additionally, it creates a more solid base to get building permits approved by the municipality or government.