DSM Louisegroeve

3.411 MWp
3,206,528 kWh/year
5.5 Hectares
Sittard-Geleen NL

This project is a perfect example of double ground use. NaGa Solar preferably assigns more than one purpose to a piece of land. This park is being constructed on the former Louisegroeve mine on the Chemelot site, thus using the land sustainably. DSM is making the land available to NaGa Solar. Apart from being the developer of this solar park, NaGa Solar is also one of the investors in this project. Together with a group of private Dutch investors.

For NaGa Solar this project is especially innovative as the modules are fixed on a ballast system (filled with e.g., sand or stone) specially designed for this purpose, leaving the ground underneath the solar park, the former landfill site, unchanged and closed.

Also, the solar panels are equipped with technologies developed by DSM Advanced Solar in coatings and backsheets which will increase the yield of the modules. The modules used for Louisegroeve are from Tata Power Solar, an Indian party which has applied DSM’s innovations in close cooperation. This installation will be used as a test installation in the coming years, with DSM closely monitoring the results and efficiency of the applied technical innovations.

The interest of NaGa Solar is the application of the new backsheet on the modules, as well as forming a comprehensive collaboration between local companies and the local government.

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