Manege 't Hetjen

  • Type
  • Status
  • Capacity
  • Produces
  • Modules
  • Surface
  • Location
  • Roof
  • Operationel
  • 169 kWp
  • 149,565 kWh/year
  • 613
  • 1,310 sqm
  • Stein NL

Manege ‘t Hetjen is one of our specialty projects. It is a first trail of a concept created by NaGa Solar. This concept is created to help building owners to comply with the government rules set for buildings with roofs containing asbestos. By end 2024 it is no longer allowed for any buildings in the Netherlands to contain asbestos. In order to comply with these rules many buildings need to have the asbestos professionally removed, some even a new roof.

NaGa Solar offers this new concept to help building owners to comply with these rules in time. By offering to get the asbestos professionally removed, place a new roof and solar-PV installation, with an additional heat pump. All of this with the need of any investment by the building owner.

This local horse riding school resulted in a successful first trail. NaGa Solar is looking for more locations in the Netherlands to apply this concept to and contribute to a healthier environment.