Special solutions

Besides our ongoing development activities in ground-mounted projects and rooftops, we give specific attention to innovative solar-PV applications – our special solutions. Our goal is to use space even more efficiently, for example by equipping parking decks with solar-PV or developing floating solar parks. Our newest special solution is an application of solar-PV on top of greenhouses – a solution that has very large potential in the Netherlands.

Special solution types


Photovoltaics, the future of renewable energy from the sun

A perfect example of efficient double use of space is developing solar-PV on parking decks. The technique consists of a special covering (i.e. ‘roof’) above the parking deck. Additional benefit: you will arrive dry in your building!


Aerial view of Floating solar panels or solar cell Platform system on the lake

With so much water surface present in the Netherlands, it is logical to develop a solution to use this unused space for efficient electricity generation. By using a special floating technique, it is possible to use lost space effectively and boost renewable energy production!

green houses

Photovoltaic solar panels installed on a greenhouse in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, approximately 10,000 hectares of greenhouse surface is present – an enormous potential for solar-PV application. Greenhouses are often large and have a significant electricity consumption. A complete new solar-PV technology is under development, where the solar cells are integrated in the glass.

How the NaGa process works

We get to know each other

At first, we would like to have a proper introduction in which we get to know your wishes, beliefs and opinions. Together with you, we look into the possibilities and specific sensitivities of the location, dependent of your needs.

We develop

After reaching an agreement, we start developing. We take care of everything: building permits, subsidies, financing, design, contracts and legal matters. The outcome of the development is a ready-to-build solar-PV project.

You enjoy the sun

We coordinate the actual construction of the ready-to-build project, including final engineering, procurement and construction management. Coordinating and contracting long-term operation and maintenance  is also under our scope. If required, we can be your investor – or find your investor!

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